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Fabiana the Chihuahua MixJewel the Domestic Short Hair

Jan 26–Feb 1

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Air Chihuahua

spcaLA’s next AIR CHIHUAHUA takes off January 4th! Thanks to you, we raised the $1,500 we needed to fly 30 lucky Chihuahuas (and other small mixed breeds) to Houston. Because of your help, they will start the new year with a new family! Airfare for this flight was generously donated by Continental Airlines.

The next Air Chihuahua flight is scheduled for February—we need your support to keep matching our abundant supply of these pups with the demand for them in other areas.


Who’s Flying?

Gremlin, Blueberry, Miles, Drake and Obi wan are just five of the 30 scheduled travelers on the next Air Chihuahua flight. They range in age, appearance and temperament, but they have something in common with so many spcaLA pets: they are Chihuahua mixes. Want to learn more about our flyers? Click on their passports. We welcome the chance to find local homes for all of our pets—if you’re interested in adopting, please visit the spcaLA location they currently call home during business hours.

Map of the Chihuahua's trip from Los Angeles to Florida

The Chihuahuas are flying to
Houston, TX.

Passports of five Chihuahuas See Gremlin (11-01021) See Miles (11-00820) See Blueberry (11-00630) See Drake (11-00948) See Obi Wan (11-01358)

Why Air Chihuahua?

Chihuahuas are the number one breed in Los Angeles (over 60,000 registered), and their population keeps growing! Through Air Chihuahua, we match our abundant supply of these dogs with the great demand for them in other states, like Texas, Denver and Florida.

Dogs that would have been our guests for months are instead adopted within a matter of hours. We work with other independent, credible animal welfare organizations, like the Houston spca, to find them permanent, loving homes.

Doggie Passport